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From Christopher Farrell in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Hi, I'm a huge fan of your work and found early in my training that many of your songs helped form much of my training and character development which allowed me to follow and grow into a professional performer.. However, why do we not hear more of your stage work on the UK professional theatre circuit? Are there any plans to bring some of your new pieces to the West End, or Scottish festivals? Obviously Saturday Night Fever has been very successful over here but are there plans for Scarlet or Camille to ever head over? Til then I can but dream and be thankful for the internet, cast recordings and trans Atlantic flights.. Thank you for all you've created from one you inspire.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Dear Christopher,

What a gracious and kind letter. Thank you. It was especially meaningful to me as it came right on the heels of my receiving 3 rejection slips in a row. (I am in the process of submitting a lot of poetry to various journals and reviews in the U.S. It's a tough process. Some of these journals get thousands of submissions a month and only accept 1%. Not great odds.) Anyway, it was truly heartening -after the 3 rejections- to know that I inspire someone.

I wish I could tell you that there are immediate plans to bring some of my theatrical work to the U.K. Right now there is a major production of Pimpernel in the works in Japan, and I know there have been many minor productions of it in England, but so far nothing planned for the West End. I do hear from two sources that there is interest in doing this, but nothing tangible yet. As for Camille, although it has long been sitting very sadly on the shelf, Frank is currently busily working on a possible production in- Korea? I think it's Korea, and at any rate if it works out that would be lovely as I do think the score is the best Frank and I have done.

Christopher, thank you again so much for a letter that made me very happy. Best to you, Nan

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