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From Eve:
Hi Nan. I remember the exact day that I saw Pimpernel. I was very young but I loved it so much! I am a current Sarah Lawrence student who is also very interested in writing lyrics and book for musicals. I was wondering how you felt SLC prepared you for the career that you have, if it did play any part in your successes? I love SLC but I'm always wondering whether I should have gone to a conservatory style program where I could gain more instruction in the musical theater writing process.

Thursday, 5 January 2006

Dear Eve,

Don't you love Sarah Lawrence? I did, every moment, and you are probably at the best possible place to prepare you for any kind of career in the theatre. I am not familiar with the current Theatre Department, but I would be very surprised if it did not hold up to the standards of the past. While I was at Sarah Lawrence, I was not only able to write plays, but also to direct them and produce them. Additionally, I acted in a lot of shows so I was truly able to drown myself in theatre. It was fantastic and I know I would have been a very different person today had I not gone to Sarah Lawrence. There is such freedom at the school, such encouragement and development of the individual. The horizons just keep spreading and the people you meet are as diverse as they come. Thus, you never stop being exposed to new ideas and a multitude of stimulating people. A "conservatory style program" would not, I think, give you such a bounty of opportunity and excitement. Naturally, I'm prejudiced, but I honestly felt at Sarah Lawrence that whatever I wanted to attempt, I would be allowed to do, encouraged to do, and if I failed my teachers would only help me learn from the experience. The first two plays I ever wrote were produced at Sarah Lawrence. I directed them both. One was a great success. The other was a flop. I learned an enormous amount from both, but mostly I am grateful for having been given the freedom and encouragement to experiment with what I loved. I hope this answers your question and I wish you continued happiness at S.L.

Nan Knighton

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