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A note from the webmaster: Nan is extremely busy right now and asked me to answer this question. She'll be back soon, to answer more questions herself.

From Eden in Montreal, Canada:
Hi Nan, I have to admit I was so thankful I spent every penny I had to come and see Camille when it was performed at Goodspeed. I understand that it is difficult to get something on Broadway right now but have you and Frank considered trying it out in another country? I know Cyrano is being tested in London. Why not take Camille else where to see if it will catch on? Maybe even Toronto, or Stratford Ontario in Canada.

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Dear Eden,

Thanks for your support of Camille Claudel, and for your continued interest. We certainly hope to see another production of the show, but as Nan recently said (see her April Q&A), that may take some time. There has been some interest in the show in Europe, so an international production is a possibility. There aren't any definite plans at this point. With a new musical like this, it can be hard to predict what will happen next or when or where it will happen. As soon as any new plans are formed, we'll spread the news.


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