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From Lena in Hawaii:
Hello! Allow me to begin by saying that I absolutely love the lyrics to The Scarlet Pimpernel (The Creation of Man is so funny!), and one of my favorite songs is Chauvelin's Falcon in the Dive.

It's this song I have a question about -- the lyrics seem to center around getting old, and it seems to me that he is trying to prove to...someone...that he truly is strong and perhaps still with vitality, not a weakling. Is there some sort of meaning to this that I'm not understanding, or am I just trying to overanalyze? ^_^

Also, the lyric "I am not a man to hunger for blood, but the spirit can cry to be younger and fiercer..."; that kind of illustrates what I'm trying to say about his...something of desperation for youth, strength and respect, maybe? I don't know; maybe I am overanalyzing, but could you possibly explain the lyrics?


Thursday, 14 July 2005

Dear Lena,

You are absolutely dead on about the meaning of the lyrics. This is Chauvelin's "motivation" song, as it were - a way to gear himself up for the fight ahead. Not only is he aging, but his original vision of the revolution has become tarnished and confused. He needs to make himself believe that his cause is still a just one and that he's able to fight with the same strength and vitality he had as a younger man. The lyric line "I am not a man to hunger for blood, but the spirit can cry to be younger and fiercer" is along the same thought lines, but it includes his need to justify how violent and vicious both he and the revolution have become. In truth, he has now become a man who hungers for blood, but he will not be able to go on and fight his fight unless he can delude himself into believing that he is still vital and able and fighting for a just cause. Hope this answers your question, and by the way, I don't think there's anything wrong at all with overanalyzing - especially when it comes to Chauvelin! Thanks for writing.


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