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From Delores in Philadelphia:
Hi Nan- I first wanted to say that I love your work. You lyrics are always so beautiful and the way they fit with Frank Wildhorn's music is like a hand in a glove. My question is about the song Storybook. I love to hear Linda Eder sing it, but could you please tell me what the lyrics are for the part of the song that is sung in French. I'm almost sure I know what she's singing but when I look up the lyrics to the song on the internet they're always completely different from what I think she's singing. By the way, do you speak French?

Thanks so much,

Thursday, 24 February 2005


I studied French from the 2nd grade through the 10th grade, so whether or not I "speak" it is questionable. I have remembered familiarity- I guess that's the best way to phrase it. When I wrote the French lyric section of "Storybook," I wrote it with my French-English dictionary alongside and hope in my heart that I was making some sense. This is what I think I wrote:

And on my carousel, love is always singing-
It's the beginning of my dreams
and I hope for a happy ending.
But the end of the story doesn't come so sweetly,
for the story- it's just make-believe.
Surely I hold nothing but my dreams,
only my dreams.

I'm kind of translating from memory here- don't have the French lyric in front of me- but that's the basic. I was trying to get across the idea of the song while rhyming it in French. Hope that helps. Best, Nan

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