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From Penny Jones in Boston:
Nan, I am so interested in your work. Do you write anything else besides plays and song lyrics, and if so, have they been published anywhere?

Thursday, 18 March 2004

Dear Penny,

Yes, I write many other things besides plays and lyrics. When I started writing, it was predominantly poetry. Then, it switched to short stories that were heavily laden with dialogue. I didn't write my first play until college. I've also written for TV - a weekly variety show for PBS in the late 70's, and I co-wrote a screenplay - "My Little Girl" - which starred James Earl Jones, Mary Stewart Masterson, Anne Meara, Peter Gallagher and Geraldine Page. Quite a cast, right? However, the movie was only released on video in this country. I have also written an essay for The Michigan Quarterly, which can be found elsewhere on my website. I do plan to try and get some stories and poems published, but right now I'm just too heavily immersed in the theatre. Thanks so much for your question.


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