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From GotTheFever in Australia:
Hey Nan... I'm really looking forward to Saturday Night Fever coming to Sydney in June! I haven't had a chance to see the show staged before but I love the movie and anything to do with disco music! I've been reading about the show in lots of articles from Malaysia, and some of those talk about how the show was very "dark" in London and New York and how it was much closer to the movie then. It says that the show had to be made more family friendly because people kept bringing their kids. I'm curious about this process. What sort of changes did you have to make to the show? And what developments has it gone through, from that first production? Have you been working on the latest tour here? And will you be coming to see it? I can't wait, myself!

Thursday, 10 June 2004

Hi -

I'm glad you've "gotthefever". Yeah, SNF is coming to Sydney and I hope you enjoy it. It's somewhat true that the show was "dark" in London and New York. This was just a given as the producer wanted us to stick very closely to the movie. As I'm sure you know, the last half of the movie gets pretty grim and there's no way to change that unless you completely throw out the Bobby C. storyline and the Annette storyline. Keeping Father Frank in the show (which we strongly wanted to do) also necessarily kept reminding us of the more serious aspects of the story. I think audiences totally accepted the darker aspects, but for the tour, the show has been brightened up and cut down a bit, and yes - this is partially due to making it more kid-friendly. We also have made some language changes to try and move from an X-rating up to a PG-13, as it were, but I always have tried to substitute language that still has a gritty, raw street feel to it. I wish I could come to Australia, but I have work here to do on two other shows. Make sure you get up and dance with the audience during the Megamix curtain call - that's really fun for everybody. Thanks for writing,


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