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From Judi in NJ:
Hi Nan, I hope things are going well for you. Are you & Frank W. still working on Vienna & is it going to open in Vienna this year? Take care & I really hope that Camille comes to fruition in the near future, it's a great show.

Thursday, 1 July 2004

Dear Judi,

My answer to your question is yes and no. I am currently taking a backseat on Vienna. The Austrian producer wanted major work done at a time when I had to put 100% of my energies into Camille Claudel. Thus, I told Frank that he should proceed with another author. Frank brought in Jack Murphy, who is Frank's other primary collaborator. Jack is writing a new book. As for lyrics, the score will contain about 3-5 of my songs, and the rest will be Jack's songs. Frank's and my "Only Love" will be one of my lyrics retained in the show. To the best of my knowledge, Vienna will open in 2005-2006 in Austria.

Thanks for your support of Camille, and I share your hope that it will return in the near future.


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