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From Jenny Bouchard in Montreal, Canada:
I heard your song "I'm No Good In Bed" at the Hot-Off-the-Press New Musicals Cabaret in Toronto, and I thought it was hilarious! I noticed in the program that it was from a show called Open House that you wrote with a composer called Howard Marren. I also saw that the opening song of the cabaret, among others, was from another Knighton/Marren show called Snapshots. Can you tell us a little more about Howard Marren, and your work with him? Have these shows been produced, and are there any plans for either of them in the near future?

Thursday, 12 February 2004

Dear Jenny,

I'm so glad that you saw the cabaret in Toronto. I wish I also could have seen it, but I hear that it was an amazing success, and I was very happy that they included 5 of my songs with Howard. He's a wonderful composer and has had many productions of his own work at places such as the Old Globe Theater in San Diego, The Goodspeed Opera House in CT, and London's Lyric Hammersmith Theater. I haven't been able to work with Howard for so many years now because of the basic rapid-fire onslaught of Pimpernel, SNF and Camille Claudel. However, I can't wait to get back to Open House, which continues to be one of my favorite projects. It always seems to be in the back of my mind and I am really anxious now to redraft it and write some new lyrics for it. No, Open House has not had a production of any kind yet, but I would hope that we could get a production up within the next two years or so (if that also fits into Howard's schedule). As for Snapshots, both Howard and I absolutely love the individual pieces of work within the show - the songs and the many monologues, most of which were adapted from my own poetry - but I've never felt like the show itself could make it. It's really just about a dysfunctional family and I think I would have to find a much more powerful plot thrust. Yes, we did have one reading of this show at the Manhattan Theatre Club with wonderful actors in it such as Gregg Edelman, Dee Hoty, Larry Keith and Nancy Opel. The whole cast was fabulous. Right now, there are no immediate plans for productions of either show, but, as I've said, I'm very excited about the possibility of an upcoming production of my favorite baby, Open House.

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