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From Nancy Rosati in Long Island, NY:
I just read the response to the "You Are My Home" question that Peter put up (from Jan 2004), and as far as I'm concerned, it was the RIGHT decision. I liked the wedding version of that song much more than "Believe." And SP 2 is definitely my favorite!

BUT - my husband Thom & I always wondered why you never published the sheet music for that song as a single. Wouldn't you think it would get some play at weddings? I don't know if it's too late now since it's not well known, but I can certainly see it sitting on a shelf at Colony, giving couples an option for their wedding music, and there aren't a lot of good options out there.

Thursday, 22 April 2004

Dear Nancy,

Strange as it may seem, the lyrics for the wedding version of "You Are My Home" have never been printed or published anywhere, not even in the "Encore" CD booklet. The whole "Encore" album was a bit of an anomally, as, to the best of my knowledge, there have never been two OBC recordings for the same show within a two-year period. "You Are My Home" can be heard on the "Encore" album, but it's the Peabo Bryson/Linda Eder version of the the original lyrics - this recording was released as a single and made the Top 40. I should mention, though, that a lot of people have indeed used the original "You Are My Home" lyrics for their weddings, which makes me very happy. The basic sentiment is the same in both sets of lyrics. I also love the song "Believe", which is the original wedding song on the first Broadway cast album, and I think this has also been sung at many weddings.

Thanks so much for writing, and if we ever release the sheet music and lyric for the wedding version of "Home", I will make sure that bit of news appears on this website.

Best to you,

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