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From Chalie in Philadelphia, PA:
I first wanted to say you are a wonderful writer! Your words are filled with truth and passion. The combination of Frank Wildhorn's magical music and your glorious writing, Wow! Now my question: Was Linda Eder's fabulous voice an inspiration for your writing? I thank you for your time. And I can't wait for Camille Claudel. I feel the three of you involved was meant to be and it will be the biggest and best Musical on Broadway!

Thursday, 2 October 2003

Dear Chalie,

Your letter made me so happy. It's great to know when my work has reached people, and, yes, it's very exciting for Frank and Linda and I to all be teaming up for Camille. We're in rehearsal now*, and we're all very excited at what's happening. As for your question, Linda Eder's voice is an inspiration all around. Frank definitely writes certain songs for her voice, knowing no one else has the range that she does, and for both Frank and me, there is always the sound of Linda's voice in our heads as we write. I am definitely influenced by her voice. I know she can handle anything vocally, and I know when I write a soaring ballad that she can provide me with exactly the compelling belt that I need. Even so, the most exciting part is always hearing her sing the songs for the first time. Thanks so much for writing, and I hope you get a chance to come see Camille.

My best to you,

Nan Knighton

* Note from the webmaster: The rehearsals that Nan refers to here were those for the Chester, CT run of the show.

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