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From Stevie L. in Minneapolis:
First of all, many compliments on the wonderful work with Camille - I havent heard as much as I would like to, but what I have heard I adore!

My question: Today I was listening to Pimpernel again, and it got me wondering. How have you and Frank changed since working together then? Do you find that you're artisticaly pretty much the same, or do you feel like a completely different person? Somewhere in between?

Thursday, 7 August 2003

Dear Stevie,

This is an interesting question. I guess I really have two answers to it.

Firstly, Frank and I from day one in 1989 have had an incredibly open and dynamic collaborative chemistry, and that's never changed. It's a rare thing to find and we both know it, so we both treasure it. It's as if subliminally you always know right where the other person is heading and you keep hitting the right nerves of the other person. We also have a lot of fun working together and enormous respect for each other's talent. All this has never changed.

My second answer is that both Frank and I (and I'd guess all artists) continue to grow and change and improve in our own personal work. I think, for example, that Frank's music for Camille is amazing, and very different from previous scores of his. I also am experimenting with new styles, and hopefully I am a better writer than I was some years ago. I would say also that Frank and I have perfected things to a sort of shorthand, so that where we used to have to explain ourselves to each other in paragraphs, now all it takes is a word or two to communicate to the other exactly what we're thinking. It's like a marriage - a good one. The great qualities stay on, but the two people keep growing as individuals, and adapting to those changes in each other.

Thanks again for your question.


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