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From a fan:
This may be a bizarre question, but I was wondering how Percy's League [in The Scarlet Pimpernel] got nicknamed "The Bounders"? I thought you would be the person to ask!

Saturday, 1 September 2001

It's not a bizarre question at all and you are right in thinking that I'm the person to ask because I was the one who first incorporated the term into the script. I can't honestly remember at the moment whether or not the word "Bounders" appears in the original novel, but it's a term that was very much in use in England for centuries, and I believe it's still used on occasion. The closest definition I could give you would be that a Bounder is a mischievous, adventuresome bloke. It's typically used in a fun sort of context. For example, if someone had been out carousing and drinking and gotten in trouble, his friend might tease him and call him a Bounder.

I used the term in the script because it felt right for Percy and the men to be teasing and bantering with each other in this manner in the same way that today someone might say, "You jerk." At some point into the first run of the show, I realized that Percy's men were being referred to as "The Bounders," and I was delighted. I'm honestly not sure who it was who first chose that title for them. It may have been Peter Hunt or it may have been one of the actors. It may even have been someone from the League who picked up on the use of the word in the script. At any rate, it stuck and it's always seemed to me very cute that people have taken to the term.

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