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From Randy Gener:
How is Camille Claudel doing? Where is the project now in terms of production? Are there readings? workshops? What interests you about Camille Claudel as a musical subject?

Saturday, 24 March 2001

Dear Randy - I am actually working very hard on "Camille Claudel" right now. I've already written a number of songs for the show, but I'm now working purely on the book. This won't be a quick process as there's an enormous amount of source material to which I will need to keep referring back. Also, the subject matter is extremely complex, so I'll probably need to do at least three drafts before we're ready for any kind of workshop.

There are several things that fascinate me about Camille. After having experienced for myself how difficult it can be for a woman to work in a man's world, I find it amazing to imagine this girl fighting the same battle over a hundred years ago when it was almost impossible for a woman to come out on top. She had such guts. She knew she had a formidable talent and she insisted on driving forward despite the obstacle course. I am also fascinated by her whole relationship with Rodin and the dynamic when passion interacts with professional competition. Quite frankly, there is nothing about the whole story that doesn't intrigue me, so this answer could go on forever. Instead, I think I'd better get back to the computer and actually write the story.

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