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From Lauren:
Could you tell me more about the reading you did at Manhattan Theatre Club last year?

Saturday, 25 August 2001

Dear Lauren,

Thanks for your question. Actually, the reading at Manhattan Theatre Club was not last year. I believe it was in 1997. The show was called Snapshots. It's a musical for which Howard Marren wrote the music and I wrote book and lyrics. It was essentially about a family and the structure took the family from one particular Thanksgiving through Christmas. The cast was terrific and included Gregg Edelman, Nancy Opel, Dee Hoty, Danielle Ferland, Phyllis Newman, Sal Viviano, JoAnn Cunningham, Patti Karr, and Jerry Lanning. A lot of people seemed to love it, but I knew that going farther would have involved a lot of work and, at that point, I was just too overwhelmed with Scarlet Pimpernel and Saturday Night Fever. I do hope someday to get back to it as there are some really nice songs in the score and Howard Marren thinks it's the best work I've done, but then he's prejudiced.

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