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The complete cast recording from the Takarazuka Revue's 2010 Moon Troupe production of Pimpernel is currently available as a 2-CD set, from TCA Pictures and Takarazuka Video. The cast is led by Hiromu Kiriya as Percy, Yuki Aono as Marguerite, Masaki Ryuu as Chauvelin and Rio Asumi as Armand.

A DVD of the production is also available from TCA Pictures (which has a video preview available online) and Takarazuka Video.

Note: The TCA Pictures and Takarazuka Video sites are in Japanese and offer domestic shipping only. International orders can be placed through Noppin.com. The CD and DVD are also available from Sound of Music.


Scene List

Act One
Scene 1: Paris 1794
    A Piece of Courage*
Scene 2: Comédie Française
Scene 3: Streets of Paris
    Madame Guillotine
Scene 4: Blakeney Manor, Wedding
    You Are My Home
    Wedding Dance
Scenes 5 and 6: Library and on board the "Daydream"
    Into the Fire
Scene 7: Streets of Paris
    The Rescue
    Falcon in the Dive
Scene 8: Louis Charles' Confinement
    A Piece of Courage Reprise*
Scene 9: Blakeney Manor, Drawing Room
    The Scarlet Pimpernel
    When I Look at You
Scene 10: Blakeney Manor, Garden
    You Are My Home Reprise
    Where's the Girl?
Scene 11, Blakeney Manor, Library
    The Creation of Man
Scene 12: Marie's Atelier
Scene 13: Blakeney Manor
    I'll Forget You
Scene 14: Palace Hall
    The Riddle Part 1 (Madame Guillotine Reprise)
    The Riddle
    A Piece of Courage

Act Two
Scene 1: Palace Hall
    Opening Act 2 / Who Is The Scarlet Pimpernel?
    They Seek Him Here
Scene 2: Palace Hall
    The Gavotte
Scene 3: Palace Waiting Room
    Our Separate Ways
    Into the Fire Reprise
Scene 4: Paris
    Paris a Dead City (reprise of Madame Guillotine and Falcon in the Dive)
Scene 5: Tower
Scene 6: Marie's Atelier
Scene 7A: Chauvelin's Tent
    Falcon in the Dive Reprise
Scene 7B: In front of Marie's Atelier
Scene 8: Comédie Française
    Storybook Reprise
    A Piece of Courage Reprise*
Scene 9: Comédie Française, Dressing Room
    She Was There
Scene 10: Paris
    Days of Glory*
Scene 11: The Pier
    The Duel
    You Are My Home Reprise

Finale A - A Piece of Courage*
Finale B - Days of Glory* / The Scarlet Pimpernel / A Piece of Courage
Finale C - The Riddle
Finale D - Into the Fire
Finale E - When I Look at You
Parade - Storybook / Into the Fire / The Creation of Man / The Riddle / You Are My Home / Where's the Girl? / When I Look at You / A Piece of Courage*

* The songs "A Piece of Courage" and "Days of Glory" were written specifically for this production by Frank Wildhorn (music) and Shuichiro Koike (lyrics).

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