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The Encore! recording was released after The Scarlet Pimpernel was revised and reopened on Broadway. It most closely represents the current version of the musical. Many of the tracks are the same as the Original Broadway Cast album, but SP2 stars Rex Smith (Chauvelin) and Rachel York (Marguerite) recorded several new tracks. The CD also features Linda Eder singing "Only Love" and the Top 40 hit, "You Are My Home" performed by Eder and Peabo Bryson.

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You can hear full length versions of
"Storybook" and "I'll Forget You" at
RachelYork.net (under Portfolio: Music).
Label: Atlantic Theatre 83265-2

Track List

1. Overture (Instrumental)
2. Storybook (Rachel York)
3. Madame Guillotine (Company)
4. Prayer (Douglas Sills)
5. Into the Fire (Douglas Sills and the Bounders)
6. Falcon in the Dive (Rex Smith)
7. The Scarlet Pimpernel (Douglas Sills and Company)
8. When I Look At You (Christine Andreas)
9. Where's the Girl? (Rex Smith)
10. When I Look At You (Reprise) (Douglas Sills)
11. The Creation of Man (Douglas Sills, David Cromwell and Bounders)
12. Marguerite's Dilemma (Instrumental)
13. The Riddle (Christine Andreas, Terrence Mann and Douglas Sills)
14. Entr'acte (Instrumental)
15. They Seek Him Here (Douglas Sills, David Cromwell and Company)
16. She Was There (Douglas Sills)
17. Where's the Girl? (Reprise) (Terrence Mann)
18. I'll Forget You (Rachel York)
19. Into the Fire (Reprise) (Company)

Bonus Tracks
20. You Are My Home (Linda Eder and Peabo Bryson)
21. Only Love (Linda Eder)

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