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From the novel by Baroness Orczy
Music by Frank Wildhorn
Book & Lyrics by Nan Knighton

About the Show

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical The Scarlet Pimpernel is a family-friendly comic swashbuckler. Based on Baroness Orczy's classic novel of the same title, the show takes place during the French Revolution. Sir Percy Blakeney, a daring English nobleman, rescues innocents from the Reign of Terror while playing the part of an inane fop at home in order to mask his covert activities. Complicating matters are the relentless Citizen Chauvelin and Percy's own French wife, Marguerite, who he fears he cannot trust.

The show had its world premiere at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway in 1997. Previews began on 7 October and the official opening took place on 9 November. Following a nearly year-long run, and in an unprecedented move, the show went through a major revision during its Broadway run. Stopping performances for just over a week, the newly revised show began on 10 October 1998 with an official opening date of 4 November. The show continued at the Minskoff Theatre until 30 May 1999, before going out on a mini-tour and then returning to Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre from 10 September 1999 through 2 January 2000. More information about the development of the show, the changes that were made between each of the different versions, and the reasons behind those changes, can be found in the History Section at ThePimpernel.com.

Following its Broadway runs, Pimpernel went out on a national equity tour. It was then opened up for licensing, and productions have taken place throughout the US and the UK, and in countries such as Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Mexico.

Latest News

Check the productions page for a list of current and upcoming (as well as past) productions. The show is available for amateur and regional licensing worldwide, and new productions are announced frequently.

There are several Pimpernel recordings available, the latest of which is the second Takarazuka Cast Recording (available on CD and DVD). The first Takarazuka performance has just been released on Blu-ray.

Album Previews and links to sound clips are available throughout the Pimpernel recordings pages. There is a new individual song recordings page available as well.

Song lists have been posted, covering both the original ("SP1") and revised ("SP2"-"SP4") versions of the show.

The Pimpernel Scrapbook on this site includes opening night, backstage and candid photos from the Minskoff Theatre run of the show ("SP1" and "SP2").

You can join other fans to discuss the show on the League Mailing List or the Pimpernel board at WildhornFans.net. More information can be found on the related items page and through the links page.

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