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In addition to material from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Camille Claudel and other projects, the following stand-alone songs with Nan's lyrics have been released:

"Let Him Fly"
This song has music by Frank Wildhorn and was recorded by Linda Eder on her album, "Storybook" (Angel, 2003). The album also includes the songs "Storybook" and "When I Look At You" from The Scarlet Pimpernel.
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"What Did You See Inside The Stars?"
Linda Eder's album "Now" (Sony Masterworks, 2011) includes three of Nan's songs: the standalone number "What Did You See Inside The Stars?" and two songs from Camille Claudel  - "A Woman In His Arms" and "What's Never Been Done Before". More information and links related to this album have been posted on the Linda Eder: Now page.
Linda Eder - Now
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Demo Tracks

We're pleased to present the following demo tracks, written with Frank Wildhorn and Fred Werner:

Song Title Composer Performer(s) and Notes
Out of the Blue Frank Wildhorn Linda Eder
Ask for the Moon Fred Werner David Gurland
Through the Spring Fred Werner Philip Hoffman
High Time Frank Wildhorn Jordan Bennett, this song was written for The Scarlet Pimpernel and not included in the stage production.
Words Fred Werner Mary Testa
If This Were A Gershwin Tune Frank Wildhorn Linda Eder
At the Start of the Race Frank Wildhorn Will Lee, this song was written for the Special Olympics.

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