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Several of Nan's songs were included in a cabaret show called "Hot-Off-The-Press!", which took place on 21 and 22 January 2004 at Tallulah's Cabaret in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The cabaret, which was presented by Ian H. Samuels and Tamcor Theatrical Productions, showcased new musical works and previously unheard trunk songs by both established and up-and-coming composers, lyricists and bookwriters. The material was presented by eight seasoned performers: Doug Adler, Lisa Atkinson, Lawrence Cotton, Christian Jeffries, Duff MacDonald, Racheal McCaig, Jamie Sussman and Susan Wesson. They were directed by Michael McGinn with musical direction by Michael Mulrooney.

Five songs written by Nan Knighton and Howard Marren were presented at this event. These included "Snapshots" and "I'm Going First" from Snapshots, both performed by the full company; "I'm No Good In Bed" from Open House, performed by Lisa Atkinson; "I Got Lost at the Waldorf Astoria" performed by Doug Adler; and "City Dogs" performed by Duff MacDonald and Doug Adler. The show was extremely well received, playing to packed houses for both performances.

Photos from this event can be found in the Scrapbook Section.

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