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Linda Eder - Now

Linda Eder's album "Now" (Sony Masterworks, 2011) includes three of Nan's songs: the standalone number What Did You See Inside The Stars? and two songs from Camille Claudel  - A Woman In His Arms and What's Never Been Done Before. The album includes other numbers written by Frank Wildhorn and his frequent collaborators. It is available for purchase at Amazon.

Nan discusses this album in an interview with "The Voice" (Linda Eder's Official Newsletter). You can view a video of "What's Never Been Done Before" courtesy of Playbill Online, at right or on their website.

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"What's Never Been Done Before" from Linda Eder's new album, Now

Responses to "Now"

Gerry Cardwell writes:

I'm so glad your songs from Camille made it to Linda's CD. Always loved them and they are my favorites. I also love "Stars". Beautiful. Keep writing those lyrics. You and Frank with Linda, create some of the best music that's out today.

I'm so fortunate that I got to see Camille in Ct., but sorry it's not being done in the states with Linda in the role. Nobody can sing those songs like she can.

Ellen Jacobs from New Jersey writes:

After seeing CAMILLE CLAUDEL at the Goodspeed many times, I have been wishing Linda would record more of the songs. There are so many "home runs" by Nan in this show, but the two songs that were my first choices to have Linda record are NOW a reality on Linda's latest CD! In my opinion, these lyrics by Nan are masterpieces to accompany Wildhorn's music! The original song, "What Did You See Inside The Stars?," showcases Nan's talent for capturing and expressing emotion so well. A true master of her craft!

Charles of Boca writes:

Linda Eder's new album "Now" is, to my mind, her finest work in years. Eder, Wildhorn, Knighton...The Triple Crown of music!

"Woman in his arms" is so quietly beautiful and "What has never been done before" is almost like an anthem for women - Tisha, Barnes & Noble review.

Janna from LA Loves Linda writes:

Your songs from Camille Claudel were among my favorites from The Fabulous Linda Eder's NOW show. One of the things about Linda now is that she has so many fan favorite songs, a lot of them we don't get to hear anymore. I am hoping that a medley of these three could earn a classic spot in her repertoire! I wish I could have seen the original show!

Nan's reply:

Dear Janna, thank you so much for your email and I'm really happy that you like my 3 songs from Linda's "Now" album. Actually, "What Did You See Inside the Stars?" is not from Camille Claudel - it was written just for the album. But, yes, "Woman in His Arms" and "What's Never Been Done Before" are from the show. I don't think Linda could do these in a medley because they are representative of 2 different sides of Camille. In "Woman," she is having to essentially push away the cerebral/artistic/independent side of her because she's being pulled magnetically into Rodin, ultimately giving in to the "woman" side of her which for the moment seems to obliterate the rest of her being. In "What's Never Been Done Before" she is defiantly insisting on being her true self, on flaunting the nay-sayers who tell her what she wants to do with her life is impossible. It's a song that reflects the height of her independence and strength as a struggling artist in a male world. I think it's really an angry song, but beneath the anger is hope, faith, determination. I suppose these 2 songs could be done back-to-back illustrating the two conflicting sides of Camille, but I think a medley merging the two might be difficult. At any rate, I agree with you that I would love to see Linda perform all 3 in her concerts, but I'm realistic in knowing that she has a huge repertoire from which to choose. As far as Camille goes, there is a production being done of the show in Japan in December and Frank and I are in hopes that we can launch another American production within the next year or two. We will make sure to announce that here on my website if that happens. Thanks again for writing and for your kind, very appreciated words. - Nan

Patricia Burns from Utica, NY writes:

Nan, I have LOVED the music from Camille for so long now....it's wonderful that Linda has included 2 of my favorites from the score on NOW. NOW is a masterpiece, and "What's Never Been Done Before" is just astounding! Music, lyrics, and Linda's amazing performance of it are enough to leave your jaw on the floor. Hearing her perform it live is an experience not to be missed. Thank you for all 3 gems on NOW....hopefully you and Frank and Linda will continue to collaborate musically for many years to come.

Nan's reply:

Thank you so much, Patricia - It's always great to know that someone out there has heard the songs and loves them. I am very hopeful that Frank and I can try and mount a new production of "Camille" in the states- not sure when because we've both been very busy- but maybe within the next year or so. If it looks like that's going to happen, we will post it here on my website. I also hope that Frank and Linda and I can collaborate on more songs. I love them both and love their talents, so it's always a joy to work with them. Thank you so much for writing. Best- Nan

"Now" reached #5 on Billboard's Heat Seeker Album Chart, #3 on the Barnes & Noble best seller list, and #14 on Amazon's pop vocal artist list.

For me, it's a great gift to have Linda sing these three songs of mine, each so different from the other and all so skillfully, beautifully brought to life by her voice. - Nan Knighton, The Voice (Now Special Edition)

"What Did You See Inside The Stars?"

The smoky "What Did You See Inside the Stars?" is a smouldering number that goes great with some brandy and a candlelit table under the night's blanket. - Jordan Richardson, blogcritics.org

I really wanted something new from Nan because I love her lyrics. She wrote "What Did You See Inside The Stars?" Long title, but cool idea. This one is about one side knowing that the relationship is not going to last from the very start. Something I suppose a lot of people can relate to. After all, you are either the "Katie" or the "Hubble," right? I've certainly been both in the past. It was great to see Nan. It had been way too long. This CD has been so much about bringing the "old gang" back together. - Linda Eder, The Voice (Now Special Edition)

"A Woman In His Arms"

A Woman In His Arms "displays Eder in a ... sensitive light, even as it simmers with understated passion" - Andy Propst, theatermania.com

The song, A Woman in His Arms, and No Finer Man are worth the price of the CD. - S. Day, Amazon review

"No Finer Man" and "A Woman In His Arms" will haunt you for days on end after hearing them, both beautiful songs. - Jen, Amazon review

One day, before I really even started the actual writing of Camille (I was still just doing research), I was with Frank in some rehearsal hall and he was playing the piano. I sat down beside him on the bench and he started playing this melody and it was so beautiful, so sensuous and I said to him, "I know the title of this song. It's going to be called 'A Woman in His Arms,'" because that's what I heard in the music. - Nan Knighton, The Voice (read the full interview with Nan here).

"What's Never Been Done Before"

This "eleven o'clock" number from the show is gut-wrenching and wonderful. - Linda Eder, album liner notes.

Marilyn Filonow from Stillwater, OK writes:

I recently was introduced to Linda Eder's voice on NPR and then to your lyrics in "What's Never Been Done Before". As a stand alone song, it made me picture all the repressed, uneducated women of the world who hopefully will be able to rise above their present conditions...someday. Those words really moved me and Linda's voice gave them power beyond words. Thank you!

Nan's reply:

Thank you so very much for writing to me. When I wrote that song, it was for Camille, but it was also in hopes that it would have meaning for anyone else who listened to it. I can remember many years ago when I felt like that, when someone told me that wanting to be a lyricist was "like saying I wanted to live on Venus." That's why I put that line in the lyric- because I still remembered so vividly what it felt like to be told you couldn't do something. If there is even just one other person I reach through this song who goes on to do what they have always wanted to do, then it makes me happy, it makes me feel good for being a writer. Marilyn, thanks so much for sending these thoughts to me. Best, Nan

What's Never Been Done Before is to me the best song from Camille Claudel. The message works for just about anyone on the planet! - M. Meyer, Amazon review

Cynthia Rodier writes in The Voice (May 2011) about a concert performance:

THE most memorable moment of the night was when Linda began the song "What's Never Been Done Before" from the musical Camille Claudel, in which she played Camille. After giving a brief introduction to the song, she boldly stopped the band after mixing up the lyrics at the beginning of the second verse. She then explained that normally when something like this happens, she covers it and sings on, but in this particular song the words were just too important! She then explained Camille's tragic story in more depth, which was so moving that she was applauded by the audience for her honesty and courage, and it made the song that much MORE meaningful when she re-started it and completed it flawlessly!

I think "What's Never Been Done Before" is one of the best lyrics (and for Frank - best music) I've ever done, and I think it's one of Linda's most spectacular vocals. She really was an inspiration to me when I wrote that song up at Goodspeed in Connecticut. - Nan Knighton, The Voice (read the full interview with Nan here).

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