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Rodin used to say of Camille, "I showed her where to find the gold, but the gold she found was truly her own." The song Gold is the eleven o'clock number in the show, and the song has taken on a life of its own. It was first released as the title track of Linda Eder's 2002 album, and she has performed it often in concert. The song received its international debut at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Linda then released a new recording of the song on her 2003 album, "Broadway, My Way."

The album "Gold" is available at Amazon. A songbook for the album "Gold" is also available from Amazon.

The album "Broadway, My Way" is available at Amazon. A songbook for "Broadway, My Way" is also available from Amazon.

Sheet music for the song "Gold" is also included in a folio titled "30 Pop/Rock Ballads: Then and Now", which is available from Amazon.

Linda Eder performed "Gold" for the musical special Hallelujah Broadway, which was recorded live in Prague at the Church of St. Simon & St. Judah in February 2010. The concert aired on PBS stations in July and August 2010, and is now available on DVD (US format: Region 1/NTSC or European format: Region 0/PAL). A highlights recording is also available in CD and MP3 format.

The program also features Rodrick Dixon, Alfreda Burke and Anthony Kearns, accompanied by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir. Tony Gregory directs the concert which has musical direction by Gavin Murphy.

Responses to "Gold"

Naomi Koser from Beach Haven, NJ writes:

I am writing about what "Gold" means to me. Four weeks ago today was the worst day of my life. My wonderful husband of thirty-seven years asked to come home from the hospital one final time to see the ocean, smell the air, hug our dog, and sleep in his own bed. He died six days later after a valiant six-year fight with a brutal disease. When I asked him what he was thinking and feeling, he said that his brain was all over the place and that he could not find the words. I believe that your lyrics are the kind of words that he could not express. As sad as I am, I have found great comfort in this song. Thank you.

Nan's reply:

Dear Naomi,
I was so very moved by your letter. I have been married to my husband for 36 years, and so I know how strong that bond can be and how devastating it must have been for you to lose your husband. At least, as you say, he was able to see the ocean again, smell the air, hug his dog, be with you. I am incredibly touched and grateful to think that my lyrics may have helped you. Being a writer is often like living in a vacuum and you don't know if your words are diffusing and scattering into space or if you have gotten through to someone. In this case, you tell me that my words helped you and that is the greatest confirmation I could have that I write for a reason and that maybe that's why I should keep on writing. And so you can see that your words helped me as much as mine helped you. Your letter was beautiful. Thank you for writing to me. It means more to me than I can tell you. I hope you do not grieve for too long. I wish you the best for the future. Again, thank you- Nan

Nan has also answered a Q&A about the song "Gold", discussing the meaning and history behind the song.

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