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Below are two lyrics from Camille Claudel, as they were presented at the NAMT Festival of New Musicals in October 2004. These differ from the lyrics heard in the full-length demo tracks for two reasons. First, the lyrics were revised during the 2003 Goodspeed production of the show, which took place after the demo tracks were recorded. Second, the songs and entire show were condensed to fit a 45-minute performance slot at the NAMT Festival. Nan discusses preparing for the NAMT Festival in this Q&A, and how it turned out in this letter. Therefore, these are shortened versions of the updated lyrics to these songs.

In The Stone
© and (P) 2004, Knight Errant Music (ASCAP) / Bronx Flash Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
Camille:   No time to lose, push through the wind,
run through the drizzle,
leap up the stairs, something inside
starting to sizzle!
Sling off my coat, slap on my smock,
snap up my chisel -
this is the hunger of my life!

For there is something waiting in the stone.
I wake up and I feel it calling: Come!
Come on! Faster!
I need to be out chasing the unknown,
feeling the pull, just like a lover,
dying to know what I'll discover -
what will I see in the stone?

Mallet on high, surgic'lly poised,
make an incision -
what do you know? Perfectly done!
I'm a magician!
I should be more modest, I'm sure -
but there's a vision,
always a dream behind my eyes.

I see a soldier who's caught under fire!
Look - a woman who walks the high wire,
and she's me and I'm full of this mad desire!

For miracles are waiting in the stone -
how wonderful that I can set them free!
Come on! Faster!
And in this golden moment I'm alone!
Go on and stare! Nothing can faze me!
I am in love, totally crazy!
It never does cease to amaze me -
what I can see... in the stone!

Linda Eder as Camille Claudel, Goodspeed production, 2003

Photo Copyright 2003 Diane Sobolewski / Goodspeed Musicals
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Trembling Man
© and (P) 2004, Knight Errant Music (ASCAP) / Bronx Flash Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
Rodin:   Somewhere she's quavering, secretly wavering,
wishing she'd stayed here with me.
I should be guiding her, leading and riding her.
Oh no, she had to be "free"!
Who needs that smile of defiance?
Why can't her ghost leave me be?!

She got what she wants. She has to win,
always her hands clenched into fists,
as she insists she knows it all.
Brazen and raw, she twists
under my skin, so like a woman,
trying to break me.
She won't make me shake.
She won't reduce me to a trembling man.

Lorenzo Bernini! Rembrandt van Rijn! Degas! Gauguin!
I walk with giants! Look in my face: Auguste Rodin!
Yes, she's a startling woman,
smelling of sweat and desire.
No, I won't bend to some goddess spitting fire!

She fell from the sky one flaming day -
this woman pushed me to my knees.
God, what if she's locked in my soul?
Let me control this, please!
Ghosts fade away, and there's no woman
who can break me.
No, damned if I'll shake!
I'd rather rot than be a trembling man...
a trembling man...  a trembling man!

Michael Nouri sings "A Trembling Man", Goodspeed production, 2003

Photo Copyright 2003 Diane Sobolewski / Goodspeed Musicals
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