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Music by Frank Wildhorn
Book and Lyrics by Nan Knighton

About the Show

Linda Eder as Camille, © Diane Sobolewski/Goodspeed Musicals Camille Claudel was a woman who broke all the rules. She was a sculptor in the late 1800's-early 1900's. This was a time when women did not sculpt. If they did, it was merely a hobby preceding marriage. No woman sculptor of this period achieved fame - except for Camille. One critic described her as "a revolt against nature - a woman of genius!" Camille had the courage and drive of ten men. She was feisty, funny, beautiful, and the musical reflects her humor and zest. Her life revolved around two things: her work and her stormy love affair with Auguste Rodin, arguably the most important sculptor of the modern era. Camille first met Rodin as his pupil. She quickly became his assistant, then his model, mistress, muse, and ultimately the one great passion of his life. As these two sculptors worked and competed side by side, their affair was obsessive, wild and unpredictable, all of which lends itself beautifully to music. Although the backbone of the musical is biographical, the story is anchored in 1913 at a most unusual turning point in Camille's life.

Latest News

GOLD - Rodin and Camille was presented at Theatre Creation in Tokyo, Japan, 8-28 December 2011. Produced by TOHO Musical & Play, the show starred Niizuma Seiko as Camille Claudel and Ishimaru Kanji as Auguste Rodin. See the production details page for more information.

Linda Eder - Now Two songs from Camille Claudel  - "What's Never Been Done Before" and "A Woman In His Arms" - were included on Linda Eder's album, "Now". More information and responses to the album are available on the "Now" page.

A video of "Gold" has been added to the site, from the Hallelujah Broadway concert. Find details about this recording on the "Gold" page. Nan has also answered a Q&A about the song "Gold."

A scene and song list from the Goodspeed production and two of the song lyrics are also available.

Camille Claudel Opening Night There are numerous Camille photos in the Scrapbook section of this site. These include backstage and opening night photos and production photos from the Goodspeed run, as well as photos from the demo recording session.

You can join other fans to discuss the show in the CamilleFans Yahoo Group. More information can be found on the related items page and through the links page.


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