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New Backing Tracks from Pimpernel Available   (28 Jul 2013)
A new recording of piano backing tracks was recently released, featuring songs from Frank Wildhorn's musicals. This includes "Falcon in the Dive", "Where's the Girl?" and "Only Love" along with selections from Jekyll & Hyde, The Civil War, Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo and others. The album is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Pimpernel to Premiere in South Korea   (30 Jun 2013)
CJ Entertainment & Media is presenting the Korean premiere production of The Scarlet Pimpernel this summer. The show begins previews on 2 July, officially opens on 6 July and runs through 8 September at LG Arts Center in Seoul. The cast includes Han Ji-Sang, Park Gun-Hyung and Park Kwang-Hyun as Percy; Kim Sun-Young and Choi Sung-Hee(Sea) as Marguerite; and Yang Jun-Mo and Enoch as Chauvelin. The show is directed by David Swan. More details can be found on the Pimpernel website and the Korean production site.

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