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Camille Claudel Plays in Japan   (5 Sept 2011)
GOLD - Rodin and Camille will be presented at Theatre Creation in Tokyo, Japan, 8-28 December 2011. Produced by TOHO Musical & Play, the show will star Niizuma Seiko as Camille Claudel and Ishimaru Kanji as Auguste Rodin. Shirai Akira directs. Tickets go on sale 1 October.

Video and Q&A About "Gold" Added to Site   (13 May 2011)
A video of Linda Eder performing "Gold" live in concert has just been added to the site. The recording comes from the "Hallelujah Broadway" program, recorded live in Prague and now available on DVD (NTSC or PAL format). A highlights recording is available in CD and MP3 format. Nan has also just answered a Q&A about the song "Gold", discussing the meaning and history behind the song. More details are available on the "Gold" page.

Responses to the Album "Now"   (9 May 2011)
We have posted several responses and comments related to "Now" on a new page dedicated to that album. These include quotes from "The Voice" and other articles, and a message from a fan along with Nan's response. Read all of these on the new page for "Now" and send us any comments or questions of your own.

Fever Now Playing on Royal Caribbean Cruises   (1 Apr 2011)
A full production of Saturday Night Fever is now playing aboard Royal Caribbean International's cruise ship "Liberty of the Seas". The show is presented weekly in the 1320-seat Platinum Theatre, on board the 3634-guest vessel. More information is available on the Royal Caribbean Productions website. Cruise line information can be found on the Royal Caribbean International website.

Nan's Songs Available On Linda Eder's Album, "Now"   (2 Mar 2011)
"Now" - the new Linda Eder album which includes three of Nan's songs - was released on 1 March 2011 by Sony Masterworks. The album reunites Linda Eder with Frank Wildhorn, and features numbers written by Frank and his frequent collaborators. The songs written by Frank and Nan are "What's Never Been Done Before" and "A Woman In His Arms" (from Camille Claudel) and the standalone number "What Did You See Inside The Stars?" Nan discusses these songs, the album and some of her other projects in an interview with "The Voice" (Linda Eder's Official Newsletter). The album is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can view a promotional video at MySpace, and a video of "What's Never Been Done Before" courtesy of Playbill Online, on their website.

Takarazuka's Scarlet Pimpernel Now Available On Blu-ray   (25 Feb 2011)
Takarazuka Revue released several of its past productions on Blu-ray today, including the 2008 Star Troupe performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel. The show is available as a standalone release from TCA Pictures and Takarazuka Video, and also as part of a boxed set with the 2006 Cosmos Troupe production of Never Say Goodbye (written by Frank Wildhorn and Shuichiro Koike) and the 2009 Moon Troupe production of Elisabeth (written by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay). The boxed set of Blu-rays is also available from TCA Pictures and Takarazuka Video. The production is still available on DVD, which includes alternate angles and two bonus tracks. The Blu-ray release includes the alternate angles but not the bonus tracks. More information is posted on the Takarazuka - Star Troupe recordings page.

Linda Eder Records Three of Nan's Songs   (21 Jan 2011)
Three of Nan's songs will be included on Linda Eder's new album, "Now", which is expected to be released on 1 March 2011. The songs are "What's Never Been Done Before" and "A Woman In His Arms" (from Camille Claudel) and "What Did You See Inside The Stars?" The Sony Masterworks album reunites Linda Eder with Frank Wildhorn, and includes other numbers written with Frank's frequent collaborators. The album is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can view a promotional video for the album at MySpace.

Camille Claudel Premieres in Japan   (16 Jan 2011)
Camille Claudel is expected to play in Tokyo, Japan in December 2011, presented by TOHO Musical & Play under the working title "GOLD - Rodin and Camille". Niizuma Seiko is slated to lead the cast as Camille Claudel, with Ishimaru Kanji as Auguste Rodin. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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