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Album Previews Added to Website   (12 December 2008)
Two more "Album Previews" are now available on the site, offering sound clips from the Scarlet Pimpernel Concept Recording and the Encore Recording. Links have also been added for sites which offer sound clips from the Pimpernel German Cast Recording and the Saturday Night Fever German Cast Recording.

"Consumer Survival Kit" Page Added   (31 October 2008)
A page has been added to the site with details on "Consumer Survival Kit", a public television program produced by the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting in the 1970s. Nan was a staff writer for the show for two years, creating episodes which included skits, songs, and documentary information on a variety of subjects. Read more on the "Consumer Survival Kit" page.

Cast of Vienna Rudolf Announced   (10 October 2008)
The cast for the German-language premiere of Rudolf, opening on 26 February 2009 at the Raimund Theater in Vienna, Austria, has been announced. The cast will be led by Drew Sarich as Rudolf, Lisa Antoni as Mary Vetsera, Uwe Kröger as Taaffe, Claus Dam as Franz Joseph, Carin Filipcic as Marie Larisch and Wietske von Tongeren as Stephanie. The production will be directed by David Leveaux, with choreography by John O'Connell, music direction by Caspar Richter, orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg and arrangements and music supervision by Koen Schoots. The German translation will be provided by Julia Sengstshmid (script) and Nina Jäger (lyrics). Tickets are currently on sale. More information is available on the VBW website and Frank Wildhorn's Website.

Takarazuka Pimpernel on CD and DVD   (3 October 2008)
Cast recordings from the Takarazuka Revue production of The Scarlet Pimpernel have now been released. The complete cast album is available as a 2-CD set from TCA Pictures. A DVD of the production is also available from TCA Pictures. There is also a Theme Song CD, featuring four selections from the show. Note: The TCA Pictures and Takarazuka Video sites are in Japanese and offer domestic shipping only. International orders can be placed through Noppin.com. Details have been posted on the Takarazuka Recordings page.

Nan's Photography Published   (22 August 2008)
Eight of Nan's photographs have been published in A Place for Play, a companion volume to the PBS documentary "Where Do the Children Play?" The book includes interviews with experts from the television program, as well as full color illustrations. Like the program, the book examines issues around the ways in which free play outdoors is slipping from children's lives in modern society. A Place for Play was edited by Elizabeth Goodenough, published by The National Institute for Play and distributed by the University of Michigan Press. It is available for purchase from Amazon.

Album Previews Added to Website   (1 August 2008)
A new "Album Previews" feature, with sound clips from many of Nan's songs, has just been added to this site. Album Previews have been set up for the Scarlet Pimpernel Broadway Cast Recording as well as the Saturday Night Fever London Cast Recording. Sound clips have also been added for the song "Gold" on the Camille Claudel Recordings Page, and the song "Let Him Fly" on the Other Projects Recordings Page.

New Page: Nan's Thoughts and Advice on Writing   (25 July 2008)
A new page has been added to the site, collecting together past Question and Answers where Nan offers her thoughts and advice on writing (including writing lyrics to songs, plays and musicals, poetry and more).

Norwegian Pimpernel CD Released   (20 June 2008)
A cast recording has been released from the Norwegian premiere production of Pimpernel, which took place in Kolbotn, Norway from 31 October through 22 November 2007. The release is a double CD; the first disc features the primary cast of the show while the second disc features the alternate cast. A complete track list and purchasing link are available on the Norwegian Cast Recording page.

New Question & Answer Posted   (16 May 2008)
Read our latest Question & Answer, where Nan discusses some of the upcoming international plans for Pimpernel and Camille.

Fever Tour Resumes in Italy   (28 March 2008)
The Italian tour of Saturday Night Fever has scheduled new dates for its 2007-2008 season. Performances have been announced for April in Catania, Messina, Civitanova Marche, Fano, Gallarate, Padova and Montecatini. Details are listed on the Italian SNF tour page.

Pimpernel to Premiere in Hungary   (21 March 2008)
The Scarlet Pimpernel is set to premiere in Hungary. Performances are scheduled for 25-27 July at Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad (Margaret Island Open-Air Theatre) in Budapest, and then beginning 3 October at Szolnoki Szigligeti Színház in Szolnok. More information is available at the Pimpernel website.

German Pimpernel Travels to Austria   (21 March 2008)
The German production of Pimpernel, which has been presented in Halle since early 2003 and plays its sixth season there through May 17, will be presented in Baden, Austria this fall. Plans have been announced to take the production - complete with leading cast members Darius Merstein-MacLeod, Maricel and Chris Murray - to Stadttheater Baden from 18 October through 30 November. More information is available at the Pimpernel website.

Fever To Play In South Africa   (29 February 2008)
Plans have been announced to bring Saturday Night Fever to South Africa. The show will play at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, beginning on 8 April with an official opening date of 12 April. More information can be found at the Gold Reef City website.

New Question & Answer Posted   (22 February 2008)
Read our latest Question & Answer, where Nan offers suggestions on creating minimalistic sets for shows like Pimpernel.

Song Lists Added to Site   (8 February 2008)
Two new pages have been added to the website. The Scarlet Pimpernel Song List covers songs from both the original ("SP1") and revised ("SP2"-"SP4") versions of the show, and the Camille Claudel Song List details scenes and songs from the 2003 Goodspeed Musicals production of that show.

Pimpernel Returns to Germany   (4 January 2008)
The German language premiere production of The Scarlet Pimpernel begins its sixth season at the Opernhaus Halle on 26 January, with dates announced through 17 May. The show will also be presented at the open-air Schlossfestspiele (Castle Festival) in Ettlingen, Germany this summer. For further details and more production listings, see the Pimpernel productions page.

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