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July 2006

Hi, Guys-

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write an "update" letter. Life has been wild. Last year both my daughters got married and my father died, so it was a year almost entirely devoted to family. My father's death was peaceful, his life was fruitful and happy and he lived to be 92- so we were able to accept his death and be grateful for having him around so long. Things were a little crazier with my daughters- they got married within four months of each other, so you can imagine the general chaos. The happiness was incalculable. And my life right now continues to revolve around family as my husband, John Breglio, is currently producing A Chorus Line. Chorus Line opens in San Francisco on August 2nd for its one and only pre-Broadway run. It opens on Broadway on October 5th. So I hope you'll all come. It's been very exciting for everyone involved and each day the pitch of excitement just seems to heighten.

As for my own work, I have three songs and other recitative lyrics in Rudolf, which is the new name of what used to be called Vienna. If you recall, Frank and I originally worked on Vienna back in 1989. I was asked to do book and lyrics for this new production during Camille, but couldn't because of the upcoming Goodspeed production, so Jack Murphy took over and did great work. They still kept three of my lyrics (including "Only Love") and other random lyric lines. Frank Wildhorn, of course, wrote the music. The show opened in Budapest this summer to glowing reviews and is expected to have a very long run.

I have been working on two plays, both of which have reasonable shots for productions in the coming year, so I'm not going to jinx either by naming them or the theatres involved- just keep your fingers crossed. Neither of these plays is Man with Two Hearts Found on Moon. I have been neglecting that one and will have to get back to it when I've polished off these other two.

I am also having a poem (possibly two) published in the 2007 Michigan Quarterly Review, and I am having an essay and several photographs published in the upcoming anthology Where Do the Children Play? I am delighted about these last few things as I have wanted for so many years to have some of my poetry published, and photography is a new love of mine- I am incredibly gratified to have a new door opening with that.

I will definitely try to be better about these update letters. I hope you'll forgive me for the long absence. Thanks for continuing to visit the website. My very best to all of you- Nan

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