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November 2004


Sorry it's taken me over a year to update- it's just been a very busy year, and I have been working on other website changes with Peter. Hope you all like the new "lavender" look, scrapbooks, etc. It made me very happy to finally get up the photographs from the Goodspeed production of "Camille." I continue to have nothing but the most wonderful memories of the whole Goodspeed experience.

As for "Camille," we did two performances on October 4 of this year for the National Alliance of Musical Theatres at the new Dodger Spaces in New York. These were abbreviated performances, as N.A.M.T. only allows each show 45 minutes, and there were rumors that scared the hell out of us to the effect that the curtain might just drop down mid-song on any show that exceeded a second over that 45 minutes. For me, our rehearsal period consisted of runthrough after runthrough where we continued to run 3 minutes over. Gabe (Barre- director) and I were confounded as I would cut 3 pages or so each time, and we'd still come in at that same "3 minutes over". Finally, we made some drastic cuts and came in at a final 44 minutes- triumph! We added a new song to the show, by the way- "In Our Hands"- a big choral number which everyone seemed to love. Certain other songs from the show had to be cut for this specific presentation.

Both presentations went extremely well. We were very lucky to have back for our 3 lead roles Linda Eder, Michael Nouri and Matt Bogart, and we also had about 7 of our former Goodspeed Ensemble members return. We performed at 1:30 and then again at 5:15 and both shows received really enthusiastic reactions. We were also able at that time to give various producers and regional theatre representatives copies of the brand new "Camille Claudel" demo tape, which we recorded in late September. The verdict is still out on where we go next. We may try a regional production in the U.S.- or in Europe, where there seems to be great interest. A production of "Camille" in Paris? Might be very interesting. Our ultimate goal of course is Broadway, but that would not happen this season.

As for other projects, I'm closer to a production of "Man with 2 Hearts Found on Moon." It currently sits with a regional theatre (whose name I'm keeping secret for now) and may well receive a production in the near future. I would so love this as I feel very close to this play. I have made a lot of changes to it since the reading at The Roundabout which featured Swoosie Kurtz and Neil Patrick Harris. Among other things, the play now incorporates six songs as several of the characters are in a band. It's also much shorter, still funny and with more of a focus on the love story.

"Vienna" (which I've been working on with Frank Wildhorn since 1989) is very close to production in Vienna. Jack Murphy is now doing book and some of the lyrics. I simply didn't have time to continue doing full book and lyrics while working full-time on "Camille," but there are still 6 or 7 of my songs in the show. I'm excited about the work to be done in Austria- never been there though I feel like I've been living in its soul during all those years writing the show.

I appreciate your letters and visits to the site more than I can say, and, as always, love answering the questions you send in to the site. I will also shortly be adding a few more generic pictures to the scrapbook. Keep in touch. My best to all of you- Nan

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