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June 3, 2003

Hi, Everybody-

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. The last year feels like it went in a puff of smoke- very busy, over in a flash. I've said goodbye to my former wonderful web-master (mistress?) Shari Perkins, and welcomed the fabulous Peter Williams, who will now be running my site. Peter has added some great new features, including a newly updated Q & A forum. I hope you'll all send me questions, and I'll be as speedy as I can about answering them. I'm going to also try to send Peter some new photos for the website- I still have to laugh when I see those 3 lone Saturday Night Fever pictures, and there will now be many new pictures with the emergence of Camille Claudel. Please also feel free to let Peter or me know if you have any ideas/ suggestions/ requests for the website.

So, an update: First, I should just mention that I am thrilled with all the continuing tours and productions of both Scarlet Pimpernel and Saturday Night Fever. For a complete list of where both shows have played, are playing, and will play, please refer to the info Peter has put together elsewhere on the site.

As for Man with Two Hearts Found on Moon, we had a terrific reading at The Roundabout on March 27. Brendon Fox directed and the cast was the stuff of dreams. Again, Peter has a full list of cast members (with their extraordinary bios) elsewhere on the site, so I won't list them here. But I do want to single out my dear friend Swoosie Kurtz, who is so talented and who played the female lead- she was great, as always. And I really also want to mention that I was lucky enough to have 2 Pimpernel alums- David Cromwell and Marc Kudisch. But the whole cast was magnificent, so please do refer to Peter's notes on all of them. It was a small reading, "just for friends and family." Bill Haber, of course, was there, as it was his encouragement and love for the play that got The Roundabout interested. Bobby Longbottom and Douglas Sills (both Pimpernel alums, as well, who are close friends of mine) also came to watch and lend support. The reading went very well, and, as with all good readings, served to let me know what changes I need to make in my next draft. For starters, I need to cut a good half hour! I am looking forward to re-drafting and getting the play out there, but won't be able to do so until Camille is set in gold, as it were.

Which brings me officially to the Camille Claudel update. All very exciting. Again, I believe Peter has listed all the personae involved elsewhere on the site, but I'll mention a few people here. Linda Eder, as I'm sure you all know, will be playing the lead. Michael Nouri is playing Rodin, and the other three principals will be played by Milo O'Shea, Joan Copeland* and Matt Bogart. We have an ensemble of 10- five girls, five guys- all extremely talented. Gabe Barre is directing, and, again, you know that the music is by my beloved Frank Wildhorn. The rest of the creative team is spectacular- please refer to Peter's notes for names and bios, but they are all so original and unique and we get more excited by the day as the choreography, sets, costumes, lighting design, arrangements, orchestrations, etc. all fall into place. We start rehearsals at Goodspeed on July 22nd and start official performances on August 14th. Our last performance will be on September 7th. I hope as many of you as can will come to see us, and I believe there will be two nights on which the performances will be followed by a feed-back discussion with the audience. I love these as audience reaction is so critical at this stage of the game. I am very happy with the book and score as it stands now, but I can assure you that re-writes will continue up to the last second. Intense. But I love it.

So- that's about all for now. When the air clears a little and Camille is set, I'll return to Man with Two Hearts and I'd also like to get going with my mystery play Bad Dreams as well as my musical with Howard Marren, Open House. I thank you all for visiting the website and for being interested in what I'm doing. I love hearing from you, so do write me questions or thoughts or comments. If the answers take a while, forgive me. It's this thing about so many hours in a day...

My best to all of you-

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* Note: Rita Gardner has stepped into the role of Madame Claudel, for Joan Copeland, since Nan wrote this letter.

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