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April 2010

Hi, Everybody-

First of all I need to apologize for not having written a new letter in what seems like years (probably has been years). Life continues to be busy and a little chaotic, but I prefer that to boring, idle, etc.

As you will know if you read Peter's updates, the show "Rudolf" has been doing very well overseas. This is the show formerly titled "Vienna." Frank and I started work on it ages ago- before "Scarlet Pimpernel"- and had a substantial part completed when we had to stop work and begin on "Pimpernel." We were both very proud of the "Vienna" work and remained so through the years. Unfortunately, when we received a commission to do the show, it was just when I had begun work on "Camille Claudel." I know Frank can do many (many!) shows simultaneously, but I can only work on one at a time. I need to be 100% immersed in whatever I'm writing. Anyway, when I told Frank I couldn't finish writing "Vienna" at that time, he and I both agreed that Jack Murphy should take over. This is what happened and Jack did a fabulous job. The show was re-conceived and changed titles- "Vienna" to "Rudolf"- and has had successful runs in several countries now. I still have a few songs of mine in the show- "Only Love," "Pretty Little War," "New Boy in Town" and many verses of "Viennese Specialties." I was very sad not to have been able to finish the whole show, but "Camille" was the show of the moment, we already had a deal with producers, the Goodspeed time slot, etc. No choice. Anyway, I am happy that I still have songs in the show and that the show has been such a success and congratulations to Frank and to Jack for a great job!

I am also very happy that we now have on my website many songs from the Goodspeed production of "Camille Claudel." These are songs from the demo we did at that time. There are a lot of songs from the show that are not included on the demo (written later) and many of the lyrics did subsequently change (especially the lyrics in "In the Stone" and "Trembling Man"). I have promised Peter that I will post the new lyrics on the site, but I have been so busy, it hasn't happened yet. I'll do it soon (within the next 10 years) (Joking). At any rate, it is incredibly gratifying to finally have the songs up on the site where any of you who are interested can hear them. I think much of Frank's and my best work is in "Camille." I also wanted to let people know that there is a sizeable chance that we will have our first major production of "Camille Claudel" within the next year in Asia, where there is considerable interest. We will keep you posted on this.

In other news, productions of "Pimpernel" and "Fever" continue around the globe. I have written two plays- "Bad Dreams" and "The Portrait Room." I love these plays but I have not really submitted them to more than 1 or 2 places so far. I need to be a little more aggressive in this area. We did have a fabulous reading of "Bad Dreams" hosted and arranged by my wonderful friend and brilliant casting director Jay Binder. John McMartin, Brian D'Arcy James and Estelle Parsons headlined it and they were terrific as was the rest of the cast.

In personal news, my husband John Breglio is currently the producer of a revival of "Dreamgirls" which opened at The Apollo in November and is now touring the country. His production of "A Chorus Line" is also still touring the US. John was also the Executive Producer of the documentary film "Every Little Step" which is available to buy on DVD at Amazon or anywhere else- I am so very proud that John conceived the idea of doing this documentary and worked so hard on it throughout its entire journey. It traces the audition process for his revival of "A Chorus Line" and therefore echoes the actual story of "Chorus Line." I think all of you will find it moving and funny and unique.

I wish you all the best and thank you so much for continuing to visit the website- and thanks to Peter for doing such a beautiful job maintaining and enhancing it and helping me keep track of my own career! – Nan

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